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Effective SERVPRO Mold Removal in Raleigh

5/2/2023 (Permalink)

Mold on the floor of a closet If you see signs of mold, call SERVPRO of Raleigh 24/7. We'll make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold Cleanup Approaches for Raleigh Homes 

Mold remediation and removal services are more common in Raleigh than you would think. With an estimated population of almost half a million people, this city might be characterized by over 142 square miles of cityscape and development, but it also has many water bodies and a humid subtropic climate. As a result, even without disasters like Hurricane Florence that threatened thousands of homes and businesses in 2018, storm and water damage continue to trigger mold development.

Mold removal in Raleigh is not uncommon. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not recognize they have an issue until the colonies have grown and spread, much as the plentiful forest of oak trees in and around the city. Raleigh is much happier being the City of Oaks than the city of disasters like mold damage, so SERVPRO is a trusted name to help from the thousands of single-family homes to large apartment buildings like the updated Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel or housing for NC State University students.

How Does SERVPRO Remove Mold? 

Removal and remediation happen in several ways based on factors like the severity of the spread and the affected building materials. However, with a thorough inspection, we often determine one of these three approaches to help:

  • Surface Cleaning – Using our proprietary cleaning products to destroy surface mold spores and make the material uninhabitable for future colonization.
  • Media Blasting – Using pressurized media like sodium bicarbonate or dry ice to eradicate surface mold and penetrate beyond the outermost surface layer.
  • Controlled Demolition – Used to remove mold-damaged materials entirely when remediation is impossible.

We have experienced professionals to help with mold removal and remediation in Raleigh properties, including Large Loss solutions for locations like Carter-Finley Stadium, PNC Arena, and structures throughout the downtown district. When you believe mold is threatening your life, you can rely on the fast response of our SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest team throughout Wake County. Call us at (919) 790-1222.

SERVPRO States Mold Remediation in a Wake Forest Property Is Often Needed After a Flooding

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Drying Attics and Ducts in Wake Forest Homes Helps Prevent Mold Growth--Says SERVPRO

Lingering Flood Damage Can Cause Mold in Wake Forest Homes

Natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding have taken their toll on homes throughout the past several years, and many homeowners have experienced the benefits of professional restoration firsthand. For those that did not seek out professional restoration from the onset of flooding and storm damages to their homes, contaminated water saturated through construction materials and structural elements to provide a damp environment hospitable to mold colonization.

Flooding can be an easy path for mold damage in your Wake Forest home, as it has become widely accepted that the intruding water could have become contaminated by multiple hazardous substances reaching your property. With microorganisms and bacteria in the floodwater, the saturation through structural elements provides an inviting scenario for mold spores. These microscopic spores land on saturated materials, seat into them, and begin to grow and spread throughout the home.

Proper flood restoration from our SERVPRO professionals cannot guarantee that mold colonization does not occur alongside flood damages, because tear out and drying of the property can often take several days or more to complete. If mold colonization does occur while our professionals work on your home, we can set up the necessary containment and address the potential threat immediately to prevent extensive damage and possible health effects.

For those choosing to care for water damage in their homes on their own, the possibility of mold growth is greater still, as homeowners lack the advanced equipment required to reach all of the moisture pockets that flooding can leave behind. Our SERVPRO team can utilize our high-powered drying equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers to begin drying out structural elements to get saved, as well as an antimicrobial spray that can get applied to unaffected materials and areas to make them uninhabitable to mold spores.

While our region has seen its fair share of flooding and other natural disasters, preventing mold growth and its array of damages can be as simple as choosing our SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest team. We can arrive quickly with the tools and expertise to help. Give us a call at (919) 790-1222.

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Why Safety is Important When Removing Mold From Your Wake Forest Home

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

Safety is important when removing mold.

Safety Tips for Mold Damage Restoration in Wake Forest

Mold damage may lead to health effects, and at SERVPRO, we advise you to act as quickly as you can when you face such a situation. We take precautionary measures during the restoration process to ensure no one is affected when we are working at the site. For each restoration task conducted by our experts, there is a well-laid safety plan formed to the extent of the contamination. When the restoration work starts, we determine the extent of the mold damage on your Wake Forest property.  

Before we get down to work on any mold damage incident in Wake Forest, we must assess the site to determine how bad the situation is. Through the findings of our SERVPRO experts, we can now determine the restoration process to adopt and the safety measures to put in place. Moreover, the findings enable us to come up with appropriate restoration procedures.  

Once recognizing the presence of mold, our SERVPRO experts start the restoration process. During this process, we wear appropriate protective gear. Respirators, gloves, safety boots and goggles are part of the protective gear that we use. The degree of contamination determines the type of the respirators that we use.

Gloves prevent out technicians from physically contacting the mold. We prefer chemical resistant gloves since some of the deodorants may have corrosive effects. Eye protection is also vital to ensure that the chemical elements used do not come to contact with the eye. Apart from safeguarding the health of our experts, the property owners are also advised accordingly to guarantee their safety throughout the mold damage restoration process.  

SERVPRO of North Raleigh and Wake Forest offers industry proven mold remediation services to both commercial and residential properties. To enjoy the best restoration services, call us at (919) 790-1222 and get value for your money.   

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How Professionals Remediate Mold in Your Wake Forest Home

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

Is mold growing in your home? Call SERVPRO for professional remediation.

Protect Your Wake Forest Home with Professional Mold Remediation

There is a growing belief among Wake Forest homeowners that mold growth is something that is not challenging to overcome. Solutions like bleach combined with some elbow grease can remove the presence from your home instead of costlier ventures like professional mold remediation. While it is indeed possible for a homeowner to identify the presence of mold in their home through sensory signals like a harsh musty odor or physically seeing a colony, removing this organism is not as simple as you might have thought.

While there are still many who think that mold damage in their Wake Forest homes is simple to overcome, the trouble lies mainly in the spread and depth of the colony. Often what can appear like a small cluster often has penetrated and spread much farther just below the surface of the affected material. While you can remove the top layer of the mold with scrubbing, the majority of this colony and its hazardous effects for your home and its occupants remain intact.

Moreover, many homeowners do not get prepared for the health effects that exposure to mold colonies can produce. Especially with something as involved as removing the organism, the spread of active mold spores and volatile organic compounds can affect people in sometimes severe ways. Our SERVPRO technicians get trained extensively on the use of personal protective equipment and safe removal practices to prevent the spread of these volatile compounds and to keep our staff and others in the house safe.

Professional remediation like our SERVPRO team provides does not get satisfied until the property has gotten thoroughly inspected for total mold growth removal. This process extends to our reduction or removal of moisture throughout the affected areas, and even helping to provide lasting solutions to regulate this dampness moving forward to prevent recurrences.

Mold growth in your home is something that you need to address as quickly as possible. Without the training and expertise on removal and restoration, you leave your home open to further damages. Give our SERVPRO of North Raleigh / Wake Forest rapid response team a call today at (919) 790-1222.

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Mold Damage can Spread From Wet Bathrooms Throughout Your Wake Forest Home

8/19/2018 (Permalink)

Looking up and seeing mold on your bathroom ceiling is a cause for alarm. Call SERVPRO to investigate and remediate the damage before it spreads.

Team SERVPRO Effectively Stops the Spread of the Mold Infestation in Your Home

Mold, mildew, and other fungi live on almost every surface inside your Wake Forest residence, no matter how often you clean. These microorganisms can survive through harsh conditions because of their structures and capabilities.
Wiping things down with a damp cloth to clean the interior furnishings of your home can lead to mold damage in Wake Forest becoming worse. Microbes like these thrive in moist conditions and a regular drink from your cleaning sponge can provide this. Bleach rarely kills these microorganisms as well as you might expect, especially if you clean areas like drywall and other semi-porous surfaces. This happens because water can get in to nourish the microbes, while larger bleach molecules remain blocked and unable to penetrate as deeply.
SERVPRO teams know how to get excessive amounts of mold out of your home and back to normal, acceptable levels. Before we begin, we prepare the area with plastic sheeting and compartmentalized areas to maintain better control over the microbe we intend on remediating. We use air scrubbers to direct the air in specific directions to more efficiently handle the work.
Materials with mold damage cannot remain inside your home safely and can end up causing future contamination. We remove these materials and bag them up in heavy plastic bags. Then we remove them from your home. Our workers are dedicated individuals who want your family to live in a safe and healthy home, without any risk of the possible health effects mold might cause.
We use equipment with HEPA filters to ensure that all microbes, as well as the dust created during the removal of materials with mold damage, stays contained and never enters the rest of your home. Other pieces of our equipment have other uses. Our moisture meters help us detect where the excess moisture comes. Without moisture, mold and mildew cannot survive. While dampness from cleaning activities can help microbes survive, we might find other sources, as well. We always discuss our findings with the homeowners and help them decide which options might work best.
SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest answers their emergency line at (919) 790-1222 every hour of every day, 365, days a year. Mold damage does not need to affect your home, ruining belongings and creating foul odors in your New Light, Six Forks, or Sandy Plain home. Call us and we can start mold remediation right away.

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What To Expect From SERVPRO Mold Remediation In Wake Forest

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO for Mold Remediation in Wake Forest--"Like it never even happened."

Wake Forest Homeowners Appreciate Professional Mold Remediation from SERVPRO

You can feel very discouraged and overwhelmed when mold growth in your Wake Forest home does not respond to your efforts to eliminate it. Many homeowners do not realize that we offer mold remediation as one of our core services, able to help under circumstances where our customers wrestle with fear and helplessness in the face of a tough mold problem.
Mold damage remediation in Wake Forest is best left to well-qualified technicians with both the training and the experience to plan and execute appropriate abatement. Reputable microbial mitigation firms clearly communicate the process and explain the goals. It is impossible to eliminate mold spores entirely, but we aim to reduce their levels to what is considered normal amounts. We help our customers understand the necessity and benefits of mold remediation without unreasonably increasing anxiety or promising what cannot be delivered.
The SERVPRO procedure for mold remediation begins with a comprehensive inspection of the affected space, including checking for areas of mold behind walls, in closets or cabinets, or other surfaces or cavities. We are on the lookout for moisture, as water, organic materials, and oxygen are the only requirements for microbial growth. Expect us to discuss the moisture source and ideas for you or a contractor to eliminate it. If moisture remains after remediation, mold colonies are likely to recur so this step is crucial.
We then follow the EPA-developed remediation protocol. SERVPRO employees contain the moldy area, sometimes with barriers only but often with the help of negative air pressure systems that prevent non-contaminated spaces from tainting with debris as we remove the colonies and tainted materials. The mission is to scrape, scrub, or use necessary abrasives to strip the mold from surfaces, returning them to preloss condition or ready for touch up painting or repairs if structural components were partially removed. Our technicians don personal protective equipment during these stages, excluding the home’s inhabitants from the project zone for safety.
SERVPRO stocks EPA-registered antimicrobials to treat the affected area after the moldy residues exit your home, vacuumed, bagged and ready for proper disposal per local codes. We apply the disinfectants via wipe downs or spraying systems to inhibit mold resurgence. When the appropriate time frame for the disinfectant action passes, we dismantle the containment system and return your home to you, remediated, sanitized, and ready for your comfort and enjoyment.
You can rely on SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest to provide timely, respectful, and professional mold remediation services. Call (919) 790-1222 to arrange for a consultation with our skilled and experienced technicians.

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What to Do (and What to Avoid) When Dealing With Mold Damage in Wake Forest

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Stains Require Professional Remediation from SERVPRO in the Wake Forest Area

Call SERVPRO to Inspect and Remediate Mold Issues in Your Home

One of the most difficult types of home damage to deal with on your own in a Wake Forest home is mold damage. Mold, like other types of fungi, can cause severe long-term damage to your home while simultaneously being hazardous and nearly impossible to remove with standard household cleaning products. Taking the wrong steps can potentially make the problem worse or even run the risk of causing ill health effects for you. Here are a few things you should and should not do after coming into contact with mold growth in your home.
What to Do
If you find signs of mold damage in your Wake Forest home, you should first attempt to verify both whether the infestation is still active and to what extent it has spread. Gathering this information early on can help to get a more accurate response from SERVPRO technicians. However, you should never go beyond the bounds of what you feel is safe. Many types of mold can cause health effects with both direct and indirect exposure, making them hazardous to interact with in close proximity. In addition to attempting to gather more information about the problem, you may also be able to identify any sources of water that may have allowed the fungus to grow. Knowledge of these sources allows us to stamp out the root of the problem immediately and prevent further damage from happening.
But, Don't:
Do not underestimate the ability of black mold and other types of spores to become safety hazards. Never put yourself in what could be a dangerous situation without the direct guidance of SERVPRO technicians. In addition, you should not attempt to remove the mold on your own, as your efforts may only serve to spread spores around, even with the aid of specialty mold cleansing products. Our specialized equipment and mold remediation techniques are designed to avoid the many eventualities that can result from unprepared mold damage treatments.
SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest provides mold removal and remediation services to homes across the local area. If you ever find signs of mold growth in your home, call us at (919) 790-1222.

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Mold Damage Cleanup from a Leaky Pipe in Your Wake Forest Home

3/22/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO TIP--Stop Leaks in Wake Forest, Less Chance of Needing Mold Remediation

SERVPRO Says that Moisture Is the Invitation for Mold Growth

One of the biggest wastes of water in your Wake Forest home is a slow water leak. If not taken care of, plumbing leaks hidden behind your walls can lead to severe water damage. One subtle sign of such a leak is mildew or mold. Dark, moist areas that are usually hidden under flooring and behind walls allow mold to thrive. If a pipe begins leaking, mold begins to grow in the area. When you see mold in unusual places where water does not ordinarily accumulate, you could have a leaking pipe.
Not only do you need to deal with the failed plumbing and water damage, but the mold damage now present in your Wake Forest home also needs to be handled. Mold continues to grow and spread until the moisture is gone and the mold is cleaned up. Since mold can cause health effects, it is critical to deal with it as soon as you find it. SERVPRO technicians are always standing by to help you with these issues and make your home safe again.
The leaky pipe has to be taken care of to stop your moisture problem in the first place. When cleaning up the mold, we may have to take out and discard porous materials such as drywall. Mold can grow on or fill the empty crevices and spaces of these materials, making it difficult to clean or remove the mold thoroughly. When it comes to nonporous materials, these can be cleaned most of the time with damp wiping techniques and HEPA vacuuming.
SERVPRO staff clean from the top of your structure to the bottom, since mold spores settle downward. Not that we necessarily, clean the entire house. We clean surfaces in the direction of airflow,  toward the negative air machines which we set up. The area is also contained with a physical barrier to prevent the mold spores from spreading to clean areas of your home.
We dry your structure as well to keep the fungi from continuing to grow. Instead of setting up air movers which could spread the mold, dehumidifiers with a low airflow can be used. Some of the drying procedures have to wait until containment and mold removal are complete. Air scrubbers that use HEPA and carbon filters can capture motes of mold floating in the air and also help to deodorize any unpleasant musty odors. By removing damaged materials that have absorbed moisture, we also speed up the process of drying.
SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest makes sure to thoroughly clean and dry your home in Rolesville, Six Forks, or Sandy Plain when there is mold damage present. Reach out to us at (919) 790-1222 as soon as you realize there is mold growth so we can help you stop it.

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New Hope's Mold Damage Specialists

2/27/2018 (Permalink)

If you discover hidden mold growing in your home, call the professionals at SERVPRO to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Follows Industry Standards to Remediate Mold Damage in Your Home

Sometimes fungi hide from you and you do not find it until it gets out of control. Anytime water gets into your New Hope home, mold possibly forms. Many times a fungus grows from a slow water leak that you did not know existed.

As soon as you notice fungi growth, it is vital that the problem gets remediated promptly. Sometimes if left untreated, mold causes health effects in some people. To be on the safe side, call SERVPRO's mold damage experts in New Hope to give you an estimate on what the remediation process entails. Anytime a fungus is present it means that mold spores exist as well. If you do not do anything about the mold problem, many times the spores float to other areas of your home and create more fungi.

Our SERVPRO specialists are IICRC certified and know how to mitigate many types of mold damage scenarios. Our crews use industrially advanced equipment and chemicals to remediate fungal issues. All procedures we conduct throughout the restoration process follow strict standards and guidelines set by the EPA and IICRC.

The EPA mold remediation guidelines got developed for schools and commercials buildings. Our team of specialists follows these guidelines for residential properties. The guidelines provide a flowchart of critical steps in mold remediation.

The IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide For Professional Mold Remediation is the first published standard for the restoration industry. The guide includes principles to follow including to protect the health and safety of workers and occupants during the restoration process.

Another principle we follow from the IICRC guide is to control the contaminant from its source and make sure spores do not get airborne and cause fungi to grow in other rooms. The guide then suggests that everything contaminated gets removed from the home. Lastly, the guide stresses the importance of correcting the moisture problem so that a fungus cannot grow in the same or other areas.

Do not take your chances with mold. Anytime you even think you might have a mold problem call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest at (919) 790-1222 for help twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

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Understanding the Basics of Mold Damage to Your Raleigh Home

2/6/2018 (Permalink)

Finding mold in your home does not need to cause a panic. Contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Offers Mold Remediation as Well as Preventative Tips for Homeowners 

Mold can cause extensive damage to your Raleigh home if it is neglected. Understanding the basics about mold can help you spot the early signs of the damage and take steps to mitigate the problem before it gets out of hand.

The best line of defense against mold damage to your Raleigh home is to act fast and seek professional help. SERVPRO technicians have a better chance to control the situation if they spring into action during the early stages of the damage. Here are some facts that you should be aware of regarding mold and the damage it causes to your home.

Mold begins with a spore
Spores are microscopic structures that germinate to form mold. As they are microscopic, they can stay suspended in the air for a long time, and even a tiny mass can contain thousands of individual spores. If a mass of these spores is disturbed by anything, thousands of them are set free and can float in the air to reach almost anywhere in your home. SERVPRO professionals have the necessary equipment to limit this spread and contain the damage.

As the spores are tiny, even a gentle wind can carry them off and keep them suspended. The airborne spores eventually do settle down due to the gravity.

Spores germinate to form mold colonies
Spores can stay dormant for a very long time, waiting for the right conditions for germination. The right conditions include high moisture content, the right temperature and organic material to support growth.

Once the spores settle on a surface, they can absorb excess moisture and swell. They begin to grow by forming a network of filaments called hyphae. Some of these hyphae function as make-shift roots and anchor the mold network to the surface. Other hyphae bear spores on their tops.

Right conditions are essential for mold to thrive
Mold can thrive and grow if the conditions are just right. Excess moisture and a temperature between 68 to 86 degrees are ideal for the spores to germinate. Organic material such as wood, paper, fabric, walls, can act as a source of food as well.

Any surface that is open to the air accumulates spores over time, and if the conditions of temperature and moisture are conducive, mold can start growing.

Call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest today at (919) 790-1222 to schedule an inspection today.

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How To Remove Mold From Your Wake Forest Home

1/14/2018 (Permalink)

Contacting SERVPRO right after you see or smell mold in your home is your best action to start the remediation process and deal with the mold.

Team SERVPRO Quickly Investigates and Then Remediates the Presence of Mold in Your Home

Your Wake Forest home is inevitably going to find times throughout the year where there is a good deal of moisture in the air, and this could present the right conditions for mold to grow. Even something as simple as a small water incident that did not get cleaned up thoroughly could provide the right scenario to feed spores in the air to grow colonies. The trouble is, you might not be able to see these colonies growing until they are relatively widespread throughout the entire area.
In any instance where you have discovered mold damage to your Wake Forest residence, you have to know whom you can trust to fix the problem. Our SERVPRO technicians have both expertise and expert training to hold themselves to the high standards required to be IICRC-certified. We have the skill set to identify not only where mold is, but what kind of mold and how to remove that type individually.
When we begin our assessment, and confirm the presence of mold in your home, we shut off circulating systems like heating and air conditioning to prevent the new spores from finding a home elsewhere around the house. Our SERVPRO specialists form a barrier around the present colonies using negative air chambers which deactivates spores floating in the air and prevents them from leaving the containment area.
Scrubbers with HEPA filters get used to thoroughly clean the affected surfaces and upholstery to remove the organism entirely. The entire process coincides with a continued effort to dehumidify the affected area, successfully removing moisture and preventing the condition necessary for the future growth of mold colonies. Assessing what the cause of the present moisture is an integral part of the remediation process as well, and our certified specialists can often determine where it has come from and how to prevent it from recurring.
Finding mold damage in your Wake Forest home might seem like a traumatic event, but with the right professional assistance, it can get rectified quickly and successfully. Give SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest a call today at (919) 790-1222.

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Contact A Professional To Address Mold Damage In Your Raleigh Area Home

9/13/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Colonies Like These Pictured Require Professional Remediation--Contact SERVPRO

Trust Mold Remediation to the Experts

If you currently have mold growing inside of your Raleigh home, you should understand that there are a few species of mold that are more hazardous than others. More dangerous species release mycotoxins into the air that are the source of health problems that develop in some individuals once exposed.

However, many other species also produce toxins that mix with moisture covering vast areas of indoor growth, making the entire affected area potentially problematic. Regardless of the amount or type of mold damage, you find in your Raleigh area home; you should take steps to remove it promptly.

Suspecting that you have mold somewhere in your home is enough to warrant contacting a professional mold remediation company like SERVPRO for help. You never want to take too long or ignore this possibly hazardous problem entirely. Let the professionals figure out if it exists, stay safe and let us assist you with making your next steps.

If you intend on locating mold before asking for help, the most practical way to locate a mold on your property is by using your eyes and nose. Finding mold stains on your walls obviously, means you have a problem. However, it is entirely possible to smell a mold problem that exists, without seeing any growth. It is also entirely possible to have an extensive mold problem and no odors are detectable.

Visible mold growth can come in a variety of colors and appearances. You might find a mixture of white, gray, brown, black, yellow, or even green, followed by discolorations, stains, or what looks like a fuzzy surface on regularly smooth building materials.
Always pay close attention to areas with a noticeable musty, dirt smell, or signs of excess moisture, water damage, and elevated humidity. Again, you can leave this task to IICRC certified professionals available at SERVPRO; we never want you to put yourself in a possibly unsafe situation.
One call gives you access to qualified professionals who can do the heavy lifting for you, call our office at SERVPRO of North Raleigh to begin your home’s mold remediation services. We are ready to assist homeowners throughout the Raleigh and Wake Forest areas, anytime, 24/7, 365. (919) 790-1222

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Raleigh Mold Damage Source

8/5/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation in Raleigh Stops the Spread of these Hyphae--Call SERVPRO

Moisture Removal Begins Mild Damage Remediation in Raleigh Properties

Mold is everywhere. The spores that form mold growths are in the air and inside every home and business. The only exceptions are ‘clean rooms’; surgical theatres for example or some electronic assembly chambers.

If you want to understand mold damage in your Raleigh home, it is necessary to know how mold expands and grows anywhere in the right temperature range with sufficient moisture and food. SERVPRO has more than twenty years of experience in North Carolina studying mold and the most efficient ways to stop its growth and remove it.
Mold starts as a tiny spore, usually airborne. Each one is tinier than a mustard seed, and a mass of thousands is smaller than the head of a pin. When these airborne spores settle on a surface, they remain inert unless they come into contact a source of moisture. The initial amount of water does not need to be more than a few drops, that is all it takes for spores to expand and extend hyphae.
These extensions spread across surfaces to expand the new growth. When they find a food source, hyphae grow into the material; normally construction items like drywall and ceiling tiles. They sustain the growth and speed expansion as well.
Most mold grows at a range of 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Since this is the temperature range for most homes in North America year-round, fungi growth is a problem in Fall and Winter as well as Spring and Summer. Obviously, the best way to stop mold growth is to turn off the moisture since it is also the starting point of the growth. Then we eliminate the source, be it a leaking pipe, pooled water under a damaged section of roof, a severe flood, or something else.
With the mold halted, we begin cleaning and removal. First, we isolate the area as best as possible; this prevents accidental contamination of other, clean parts of the house. After an initial pass with commercial grade vacuums to pull up loose spores, we remove all building material and personal property with mold. Depending on the item and the amount of mold involved, we clean it on-site, at our facility, or dispose of it.
For mold on the structure, we use a variety of antifungal agents and tools to kill and remove surface mold. If the spores have grown just below the surface, we remove the piece or cut away the affected section if structural integrity remains uncompromised.
Stopping mold and removing the damage from your home is not a simple task. At SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest, we have the personnel, training, and equipment needed to ensure we do it as quickly as possible and still provide a safe environment for you and your family to return home. If you need us, call today at (919) 790-1222.

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Is It Mold or Mildew?

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Mold and mildew need warm, moist, areas like bathrooms to grow.

Owning a home means you will undoubtedly encounter many different smells. Some of those smells are enjoyable like a home cooked meal or the fresh smell of a clean home. Other smells are unwanted, and unwelcomed intruders like the dank, musty smell of mildew or worse, mold.

Mold and mildew are part of the same fungi family and often confused with one another in the residential environment because they look similar.  

Only an environmental scientist can properly identify mold. If you suspect you have mold it is best to call us to schedule an appointment.

Identifying the difference between mold and mildew is straightforward, once you know what to look for.


Mildew, identified by white or grey patches on a moist area can be easily cleaned with consumer level retail products and a good scrub. Like mold, mildew requires moist, warm areas to grow. Mildew will grow on a wide range of surfaces from your shower to food. It can cause discoloration and odor problems, and in severe cases lead to allergic reactions along with other health concerns.


While the most commonly associated color with mold is fuzzy green, it can come in a wide range of colors. Black, blue, brown, orange, and even blue are some of the other colors of mold. No matter the color, if you suspect it’s mold, it needs to be removed.

The best way to prevent either from appearing in your home is to control it. Control mold by keeping your home dry and moisture free.  The appearance of mildew and/or mold in your home indicates there is a moisture problem. Fix the moisture problem and then remove the mildew yourself.

About Our Mold Remediation Services
SERVPRO® of North Raleigh & Wake Forest specializes in mold cleanup and restoration. Our crews are highly trained restoration professionals that use specialized equipment and techniques to properly remediate your mold problem quickly and safely.

If You See Signs of Mold, Call SERVPRO® of North Raleigh & Wake Forest Today 919-790-1222

Top 4 Common Mold Myths

6/16/2017 (Permalink)

Excessive long term water intrusion lead to mold in this homeowner's bathroom.

All mold is bad. When facing mold in your home and business, it is understandable to see how all mold could be considered unhealthy. Not every mold that grows indoors is a dangerous mold. There are some molds, that are good for humans, such as penicillin. According to the CDC, there is always some mold everywhere – in the air and on many surfaces. An environmental specialist should be consulted to determine if there are any dangerous molds in your home or business.

Bleach kills mold. Bleach is a powerful cleaning agent. It can kill a whole host of bacteria on non-porous items. Killing mold, however, is not something bleach was ever intended to do. In fact, bleach is not a remedy recommended by the EPA or OSHA. Using bleach could lead to more damage due to the corrosive nature of the product.  The same caution and advice holds for other consumer level retail cleaning products.

Cleaning up Mold Can Be Done Yourself. In small areas, this may be possible with the right products and equipment. Most people, however, are simply not equipped to do a proper mold remediation. Attempting to remediate a small area yourself could lead to larger problems if caution is not taken when disposing of mold infested debris. Lack of proper containment in a small area, could lead to infecting the entire residence causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Painting Over Mold Will Seal it and Prevent Regrowth. Also referred to as encapsulation this is a good method but only when done within a full mold remediation protocol. A common household fix is to use bleach to wipe down the problem area. Bleach will discolor the mold, but not remove it. Once the area is wiped down with bleach, then it is painted in hopes it will seal in any mold that was missed and prevent future mold from growing. This method does not work unless the initial cause of the mold growth is addressed and corrected. Underlying causes of mold can be excessive moisture or excessive humidity. If the moisture problem is not repaired or eliminated then the chances of the mold returning are greatly increased.

About Our Mold Remediation Services
SERVPRO® of North Raleigh & Wake Forest specializes in mold cleanup and restoration. Our crews are highly trained restoration professionals that use specialized equipment and techniques to properly remediate your mold problem quickly and safely.

If You See Signs of Mold, Call SERVPRO® of North Raleigh & Wake Forest Today 919-790-1222


How to Control Mold

6/16/2017 (Permalink)

Mold can be found everywhere, indoors and out. Modern conveniences allows homeowners to manipulate their indoor environments to control mold growth before it becomes a problem. There are four keys to controlling mold inside:

Control humidity levels. Mold needs a warm, dark, humid environment to grow. By keeping humidity levels consistent at 50% this inhibits mold growth.

Repair leaks quickly. Leaks from pipes, windows, or roofs can start as water damage and turn into mold damage as well. Routine maintenance of the roof will alert you to any potential hazards before they become problems, and promptly repairing a leaky roof will keep secondary repair costs low. Check the seals on windows and be sure to keep them closed during adverse weather events to prevent water from entering your home.

Clean and dry after flood and storm events. Unfortunately, the Triangle area is prone to storms and flooding. It is important to have all affected areas thoroughly cleaned and dried immediately to prevent secondary damages such as mold remediation. SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest has a large team that can respond quickly to storm events, saving you from dealing with costly mold remediation protocols later down the line.

Ventilate bathrooms, laundry and cooking areas. The activities in these rooms tend to produce moisture. Ventilating the area while in use, will cut down on the amount of moisture and humidity produced. Remember high humidity is one of the chief causes of mold.

If you do find mold in your home, it will need to be cleaned and the source will need to be repaired or eliminated. Failure to rectify the source of the problem will lead to recurring growth.

About Our Mold Remediation Services
SERVPRO® of North Raleigh & Wake Forest specializes in mold cleanup and restoration. Our crews are highly trained restoration professionals that use specialized equipment and techniques to properly remediate your mold problem quickly and safely.

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Mold - A Hidden Houseguest

5/10/2017 (Permalink)

Mold spores are naked to the human eye.

Why Is Mold Harmful

  • You cannot see mold spores with the naked human eye
  • Disturbance of mold causes spore masses to aerosolize releasing spores into the air
  • You cannot visually determine if materials are contaminated with settled spores.

Mold begins its life as a tiny spore and has over 20,000 species. The size of the spore is smaller than the size of a pinhead. These spores move, uninvited, into the dark, damp, places of your home and wait for the perfect conditions to go free. Once a disturbance causes the spores to aerosolize, the airflow carries the spores off, which remain airborne until gravity helps find them a place to settle.

Mold feeds on organic matter such as:

  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Drywall
  • Insulation
  • Natural fibers
  • Plants, potting soil
  • Paints
  • Starch in wallpaper paste
  • Caulk


You can help prevent mold growth by having good ventilation, maintaining a dry environment and providing a lack of organic food sources for mold to thrive.


Common Moisture Problems Contributing to Mold Include

  • Poor construction
  • Roof leaks
  • Basement leaks
  • Plumbing leaks


If the mold problem in your home has become more than you can handle on your own, SERVPRO®of North Raleigh and Wake Forest is ready to assist you.


Containing mold spores is a primary task of mold remediation. Mold spores are invisible to the human eye. This is why having a professional trained in mold remediation is key to ensuring the mold is properly removed.  When cleaning moldy materials, it is imperative to avoid spreading the spores. A small area can quickly multiply to an entire home if remediation or removal of affected materials are done improperly.


If your home or business has a mold problem, we can inspect and assess your property and use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation.

If you see signs of mold, call us today – 919-790-1222.