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Reliable Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services for Roxbury Residents

3/26/2023 (Permalink)

Dealing with water damage in your commercial space takes bringing in the professionals. Contact the experienced team at SERVPRO 24/7.

SERVPRO Uses Advanced Equipment to Dry Roxbury Properties During Commercial Water Cleanup

If your hotel or business suffers a water damage incident, you need commercial water damage restoration services to restore normalcy. The professionals have the skills to stop the water source and fix any existing plumbing issues. The goal is to ensure your business operations do not stop for long and lead to unprecedented losses.

Water damage can affect different sections of your Roxbury business after exposure to moisture for a long duration. To dry your property, our SERVPRO technicians choose a drying technique based on the severity of the wetness. If there are items in the rooms, we move them to unaffected sections of the building to create enough space for setting up the drying equipment. It also helps reduce the drying time.

The following are some of the procedures that we perform when drying your building:

  • Water damage demolition
  • Drilling holes
  • Setting up air movers
  • Surface disinfection

During the water damage demolition process, our SERVPRO team removes unsalvageable structural components such as insulation, drywall, and some flooring sections. We usually do that to lower the chances of mold growth and ensure the dry air reaches the hard-reach spaces. We also enhance air circulation and fasten the drying speed by drilling holes.

With the help of specialized equipment such as infrared cameras and moisture meters, we can determine if the area has attained the required level of dryness. Once the surfaces are thoroughly dry and clean, we perform disinfection to lower the chances of mold growth. So, we always advise business owners to work with professionals during water damage cleanup to help lower downtime and ensure everything is done right.

SERVPRO of Jamaica Plain / Roxbury uses advanced equipment and techniques for successful water removal services. Call (617) 466-6909 when you need to work with an experienced and well-trained team that is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

You Need Proper Flood Damage Mitigation Allowing Your Family to Move Back into Your Raleigh Home Safely

9/18/2022 (Permalink)

After flooding occurs in your home, you want everything dealt with properly. Contact SERVPRO for certified professionals to help you.

SERVPRO Provides the Services to Mitigate Flood Damages

Before and during a flood, your family's reaction can often reveal how much stress and shock they feel. At times, it might seem as if the flooding event equals the end of Raleigh as they know it and that nothing can ever bring things back to normal again. SERVPRO wants to assure you that we can help your family by remediating most things affected by the flood and help you manage your belongings so that your family recovers as quickly as possible.

Our services include taking an inventory of your belongings that we box up while in your Raleigh home to protect them from possible flood damage. Items that you disclose to SERVPRO workers that require special handling or that your family needs during the mitigation process receive priority treatment so you can relax and take care of other issues affecting your family.

After your home's mitigation process comes to a conclusion and the time for your family to return home comes closer, we begin returning your belongings so your family can easily find them. After we begin cleaning boxed items in our warehouse, we rebox them according to matching labels, keeping things orderly for your convenience. When we return your family's belongings to your home, we place each box or larger item back in the place designated at the time we packed it for cleaning, drying, and other restorative work. This inventory control helps reduce confusion and keeps things neat and tidy for unpacking items. We catalog non-salvageable items in a CCIS, Contents Claim Inventory Service, providing assistance with your insurance carrier and protecting our customer's interests.

Flooding can cause problems with plumbing, gas lines, and electrical systems. Before your family's arrival, experienced and IICRC-certified technicians and other specialists that SERVPRO partners with thoroughly checked to ensure these all met safety code and other standards of safety. Air vents and ducts in positions below the water line also required cleaning and disinfecting. All materials in your home are now in a preloss state, "Like it never even happened," and safe once again for all members of your family.

SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest can assist you and your family from start to finish when flood damage threatens your home. Call our emergency services hotline at (919) 790-1222 so we can help you through the entire process of damage repair and mitigation.

Does a Homeowner Need Professional Flood Damage Assistance for a Few Inches of Water in the Basement Post-Storm?

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

Storm flooding can quickly cause water damage. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

Significant Safety Hazards Present After Storm-Related Flood Damage in Raleigh Can Hide - Your Local SERVPRO Knows Where to Look and How to Keep Your Family and Home Secure.

With great relief, you believe the damage to your Raleigh home after recent storm damage is minimal. Just a slick of water spread across the floors of your lowest levels, and you notice little exterior damage. Is it enough to haul out the wet/dry vacuum and open some windows to get your home back to pre-storm condition?

Can Storm and Flood Damage Hide in Your House?

When the media features storm-related flood damage in Raleigh, the pictures and videos often feature downed trees, branches, and utility lines crushing roofs, windows, doors, and siding. Reporters stand in knee-deep floodwater while sharing real-time information. However, water intrudes even in structures that appear unaffected, and failure to locate and manage that damage can cause severe, although hidden, deterioration and secondary damage. It also presents safety risks as the structures affected can collapse, fail to handle intended load-bearing, and provide an environment conducive to mold.

How Do Professionals Find Trapped Flood Water After a Storm?

Regardless of a homeowner's hopes, SERVPRO managers and crew leads know how stealthy stormwater can be once it enters a home. A loose flashing or row of shingles loosened and blown up during fierce winds and heavy rain can allow gallons of water to intrude. Once inside the house, it migrates downward, often between walls. When encountering a ceiling, it pools; when stopped by nonporous building materials, it seeks dry, permeable components, perhaps wicking upwards from the base of a wall into the gypsum board. If the water is there, we must extract it and dry out the structure. Our storm and flood damage experience plus the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training completed help us anticipate likely migration routes, but we also use:

  • Visual signals like bulging ceilings, bubbling paint, or staining
  • Thermal imaging cameras utilizing temperature variations interpreted by trained technicians to locate water cached in cavities
  • Moisture detectors and meters that find and then measure the amount of moisture soaked into surfaces and fixtures like carpets

Trust SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest to assess your flood-damaged home with integrity and honestly advise you on the best practices needed to make it "Like it never even happened." Our lines at (919) 790-1222 answer 24/7 for any concerns.

Flood Damage Cleanup After Storms in Your Raleigh Home

3/16/2022 (Permalink)

Make sure that you and your family are safe during a storm and possible flooding. After that, contact SERVPRO to safely dry out your property.

SERVPRO's Fast Actions After Flooding Can Help Prevent Secondary Damages From Forming

When a severe thunderstorm rolls through the Raleigh area, the risk for damage to property rises significantly as the heavy rains create water damage, plus flooding inside your home. Flooding from storms like this is a significant problem that requires a combination of methods to treat it correctly and protect your health. Unlike a typical burst pipe or a leaky roof, flood damage often includes raw sewage, which can complicate the process of remediation.

As soon as flooding happens in your home, you need to get in touch with us at SERVPRO to mitigate the flood damage in Raleigh and remove the flood water safely. Our team of experienced workers is specially trained and equipped to get the floodwaters out of your home quickly and dry your home back out.

As soon as we arrive at your home, we do a damage evaluation of your property. We estimate the progress that needs to be started before we initiate any cleanup work and give you the most precise approximation.

Once you consent to the quote, our SERVPRO staff can remove the floodwater. We drain as much damaging water as we can by using industrial, truck-mounted pumps. Once this part of the process is done, the chances of hazardous mold growing lessen. We also target water by using advanced moisture detectors to find hidden water behind drywall and under flooring.

Once we drain the standing water, we use powerful fans and dehumidifiers to complete the drying process. Then, once the debris and water are removed, there can still be odors lingering in the air. Therefore, we clean and deodorize the affected areas to remove these odors.

Some cosmetic restoration may need to be done, as flooding can cause condensation on windows, scattered debris, peeling wallpaper, and stuck drawers or cabinets. We help you restore all these issues and more so that your home is fully restored to preloss condition.

SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest understands that flooding in your home in New Light, Six Forks, or New Hope is very stressful. However, when you contact us at (919) 790-1222, you can rest assured that you have called on the team that can help you get your home back.

All Flood Damage in Raleigh Homes Needs an Immediate Response

2/14/2022 (Permalink)

Don't wait! Keep mold from growing by contacting your local restoration experts at SERVPRO of North Raleigh.

SERVPRO Technicians Respond Quickly and Help Prevent Secondary Damages Such as Mold From Forming

Even without being on the coastline, the weather in inland areas can reflect the weather nearer the ocean. This includes the Raleigh area, and residents in our area often suffer weather-related problems when this happens.

One of these problems that homeowners might experience includes flood damage in Raleigh. This year, because of the increased amount of tropical storm activity, the chances seem more significant than in previous years for this type of specific problem.  

Flooded homes need immediate and professional mitigation services to remain protected. Some homeowners believe waiting for the season to pass can provide cost savings, but this can result in the opposite. Increased financial strains occur because damages spread easily, increasing quickly, in a home sans timely mitigation.

Instead of waiting for the end of the worst weather, realizing that much of it may never affect the properties in our area, including your home, rendering a wait-and-see approach costly instead of paying off with financial savings. Assuming otherwise and waiting to mitigate the already existing damage from flooding ensures that any existing damage inside your home increases, spreads, and develops secondary issues.   

SERVPRO wants to help you keep overall costs low and manageable by providing timely mitigation for all of the issues your home currently faces. As we work to remove damaged materials, clean areas infiltrated by floodwaters, and reduce the overall humidity inside your home, we can provide you with tips that protect your property against future flooding disasters. There is no reason to wait for the season to pass before performing the work that can keep mold from growing or drywall from disintegrating.

Even though we can never prevent any disasters from occurring, having first-hand knowledge of your home can provide us with the information needed to diminish possible damages. Following through can save homeowners from experiencing more significant damages than necessary during future flooding events.  

Tips that might work can include keeping valuables, such as electronics and heirlooms, and perishable items, mainly foodstuffs, in higher-than-normal locations until the season passes. Sandbags placed around your property's perimeter can also provide some protection for short-lived flooding events. Having already filled sandbags ready before such events can save an enormous amount of time while keeping your family less-stressed about such circumstances.

Always ready to help you with both small and enormous disasters, SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest can be contacted by calling their local number, (919) 790-1222. Flood damage can leave your home in unlivable condition, but we can help reverse any flood damage present.

Stormwater Extraction from Raleigh Homes Happens Fast with SERVPRO

2/3/2022 (Permalink)

Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include storm damage. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to assist with remediation services.

How Can SERVPRO Help in Stormwater Extraction From Raleigh Homes? 

Stormwater extraction from your Raleigh home can be difficult due to the presence of debris and particulate matter. SERVPRO techs use advanced tools that can remove stormwater quickly and efficiently to reduce the impact of water damage.   

SERVPRO techs use centrifugal pumps for stormwater extraction from flooded Raleigh homes. The pumps convert rotational energy from a motor to move fluid. SERVPRO techs use several types of centrifugal pumps, including-

  • Self-priming trash pumps
  • High-pressure pumps
  • Electric submersible pumps

How do SERVPRO Techs Choose the Right Pump During Water Removal Services in Raleigh? 

SERVPRO techs consider several factors before deciding which pump to use to extract floodwater from your Raleigh home-

  • Does the water contain solids: If the floodwater contains solids, techs use self-priming trash pumps that allow the passage of solids of up to 3”. 
  • How much suction lift is required: If the fluid needs to travel more than 25 feet of distance, SERVPRO techs often use high-pressure pumps.
  • The flow-rate requirements: If a higher flow rate is required, SERVPRO techs use a high-capacity pump to remove several gallons of water per minute (GPM). 

What is a Diaphragm Pump?

Most centrifugal pumps become inoperable if air enters the hose during operation, bringing the water removal process to a halt. SERVPRO techs use a different type of pump called a diaphragm pump to prevent this from happening. Although these are not used often, they can remove water to near zero depth as they are designed not to lose prime even if air enters the pump.  

Call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest at (919) 790-1222. 

How Can I Tell if the Flood Water in My Raleigh Home Is Contaminated?

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest knows the severity of storm damage and what water can take over. Call us today.

Assume Infectious Waste and Other Hazards Flow into Your Raleigh Home as Flood Damage and Call SERVPRO for Professional Help with Containment and Disposal.

Overland flooding drags muck and silt from the surrounding area into your Raleigh home during and after torrential rains. As rainwater collects and flows, it runs across the pavement, industrial yards, and landscaping. Chemicals, oils, dirt, organic and inorganic debris, and even dead insects and animals sweep into your house. These fluids are rightly considered contaminated and require containment to keep you and your family safe.

How Are Flood Waters and Debris Contained?

Depending on the quantity of solid refuse, the first task might be to dig out the mud in the flood damage, clearing your Raleigh house in anticipation of pumping and extracting with equipment designed for fluids. When our technicians finish the digging, they bag the debris for hazardous waste disposal. Then the service vehicles open up, rolling off:

  • Submersible pumps for water deeper than two inches
  • Truck-mounted extractors for water remaining after the pumping
  • Portable extractors for fluids in confined areas

The pump usually off-loads floodwater into a treated sewer line. Fluids extracted flow into a tank, which can hold 100 or more gallons for the truck-mount extractor. We are up to date on the local requirements for flood water disposal and take care of necessary paperwork and other provisions.

Are There Special Cleaning Procedures Needed After Flood Damage?

We consider containing the workspace with 1.6 polyethylene and installing an air scrubber to manage airborne contaminants' drift. Before we attempt structural drying, we use EPA-registered cleaning and disinfection products to ensure no harmful waste remains on surfaces. Then we set drying goals and use air movers and dehumidifiers to facilitate bringing moisture levels in your home's structure to normal levels.

When flood damage overwhelms, SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest is ready with the workforce and equipment to safely remove the water and debris. Schedule an assessment by contacting us at (919) 790-1222 as quickly as possible after the waters begin to rise.

How To Ensure Your Raleigh Home Is Sanitary After Flood Damage

11/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest is equipped for all storm damage needs. Call us today at (919) 790-1222.

SERVPRO Cleans Soils and Takes Care of Contaminated Materials and Odors

One of the effects of flooding is depositing dirty materials inside the affected home leaving behind an unsightly and even smelly environment. You may not believe that your once clean home can regain its preloss conditions after flood damage.

Unlike other forms of flood damage in your Raleigh property, soiling is more manageable, provided there are sufficient cleaning resources. You might even resolve the situation without replacing any materials or items in your house if soiling is the only problem. That is why involving a professional service like SERVPRO helps since we provide sufficient work crews and powerful cleaning equipment to tackle tough cleaning tasks. 

A cleaning exercise after flooding must ensure that:

  • The house looks clean
  • All areas smell clean
  • All surfaces are sanitary

The choice of cleaning agents is the first thing that can help reinstate sanitary conditions in your home. A cleaning product is as good as its chemical constituents since they determine the effectiveness against soils or hazardous materials. Since most cleaning products combine several chemicals, choosing the right concentration is the essential aspect.

The essential chemical agents in a cleaning product include:

  • Antimicrobial action against microorganisms
  • Disinfectant or germicide properties to destroy 99 percent of microorganisms
  • Sanitizers that reduce any microbial to acceptable levels

When cleaning the house or drying wet areas, it is possible to aerosolize contaminants, thus spreading them. One way our SERVPRO crews manage this is by running air filtration devices that remove aerosolized materials from the air since they are layered with filters, including HEPA filters that remove 99.97% of airborne particles.

SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest takes the necessary actions to ensure your home is fully restored after flood damage, “Like it never even happened.”

Flood Damage And Insulation In Your Raleigh Home

8/3/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage in odd places after storm damage is not uncommon. SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest knows what to do.

Flood Damage And Your Insulation

Even though fire is a more common fear among homeowners in Raleigh, you can be as much as ten times more likely to have your home damaged by water than by fire. Sources of flooding and water damage to your property can come from weather-related flooding, including flash floods, heavy rains, tidal storm surges, tidal storms, and mudflows.

Even if you are not living in a high-risk flood zone, flooding is always possible from heavy storms. If your home in Raleigh has experienced flooding and flood damage, it is imperative that action is taken right away to restore your home. SERVPRO is always standing by to help you mitigate any flood damage and clean up your home.

Storm Flood Damage Remediation 

When your home is flooded, one thing we need to check is your insulation. Moisture lessens its ability to work, and so it may have to be removed. Unlike other kinds of insulation, however, fiberglass insulation might not permanently lose its power. It is sometimes possible for us to dry it.

Rockwool and cellulose insulations usually mat when they get wet. Plus, moisture antimicrobial qualities and the fire resistance of cellulosic material. Rockwood also has metal in it, which can rust when wet. Therefore, these kinds of insulation might need replacing.

SERVPRO techs also understand that vapor barriers on fiberglass insulation can slow drying, so it cannot always be restored. It can be difficult to dry insulation inside fully enclosed ceiling cavities or walls. Stopping the growth of mold is also a big concern in this situation.

Drying wall cavities requires us to ventilate them. One way we do this is by drilling holes in between studs and removing the baseboards. We then use these holes to force air into the wall cavities to increase evaporation. If a lot of moisture is present, we might need to remove the drywall. There won’t always be moisture inside your walls during a flood situation. We use moisture meters to detect any hidden moisture.

When you experience flooding in your home, SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest is thorough with the remediation process to get your structure dry and safe again. Give us a call at (919) 790-1222 as soon as possible after an emergency like this so we can help.

Keeping Your Family Safe in a Flood Damage Situation in Raleigh

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

The Green Fleet from SERVPRO removes floodwaters and mitigates storm damage in the Greater Raleigh Area.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Your Flood Damage

Floodwaters present various risks, such as the risk of injuries, hazards, and health effects to the residents of Raleigh. Furthermore, they can lead to immeasurable damage to your property, belongings, and the environment at large. In the end, you may need several repairs and maintenance.

Dramatic climate changes can put you at risk of flooding and, consequently, flood damage in Raleigh. When this happens, safety should be your main priority. Once everyone is safe and out of danger, SERVPRO can come in and proceed with the flood damage restoration process. Our IICRC-approved technicians are highly experienced and highly skilled, using state-of-the-art equipment when responding to an emergency.

Contaminated Black Water

In most flood damage situations, the floodwater is usually contaminated. Any floodwater can contain dangerous bacteria that could cause health effects - from sewers and drains in urban areas to animal wastes in rural areas.

SERVPRO flood damage restoration technicians can disinfect any item that has been in contact with the floodwater and then discard the ones that cannot be adequately cleaned. Hand sanitizing gel or wet wipes can work as a temporary cleaning solution before we arrive. Any food that the floodwater has contaminated should be disposed of, including fresh produce from the refrigerator or freezer.

Flood damage comes typically hand in hand with foul odors and dampness, which may take SERVPRO several months to eliminate from your home. Generally, steer away from flood water that is moving or is above 4 inches (10 cm) from the flood. Fast-moving water can unbalance and knock you off your feet. Considering that water levels may change drastically anytime, you need to position yourself in a place where you can escape to safety when the levels rise. Indeed, floodwater can hide numerous physical hazards such as open maintenance holes, raised drain covers, sharp items like metal or glass, and other trip hazards.

Storms and floods are unexpected, but when they come knocking, you can trust SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest to restore any flood damage they may bring about. Our services are available 24/7, every day of the week. Call us today at (919) 790-1222.

Are Flood Restoration and Repair Services in Raleigh Expensive?

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has you covered from A to Z when it comes to storm restoration. Call now for the service needed for your property.

SERVPRO Works Hard to Mitigate Loss and Reduce Expense for Raleigh Residents in Need of Flood Restoration

the damage caused by flooding in residential properties can snowball without correct and timely intervention. Often, the trauma of a flood scenario can make it difficult to make the right decisions and prioritize effectively. Our crew chiefs have years of experience working in these scenarios and can help you with:

  • Flood restoration
  • Basement flooding cleanup 
  • Cleaning up after sewer backup

An efficient flood restoration and repair operation in your Raleigh home relies on excellent task management. We operate with an agile team that can quickly alleviate your concerns and put in place the necessary steps to reduce losses in your home significantly.

  • Setting up a staging area for equipment can greatly reduce time and foot traffic in a flooded property.
  • Organizing contents restoration and storage are possible with our climate-controlled warehouses. 
  • We can help record, inventory, and track every step of restoration to make your insurance claim easier. 
  • The CCIS Contents Claim Inventory System can catalog and document belongings.

In an emergency, contact SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest for flood restoration and repair at (919) 790-1222.

Can Flood Restoration Occur when Properties Experience Power Outage?

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

Storm damage also brings electrical hazards. SERVPRO has the training to safely restore your home.

SERVPRO Flood Water Removal Services Can Continue Restoration if there is a Power Outage in Your Raleigh Home

It is not uncommon for floods to knock out power across several blocks. It is expedient to shut power off at the source if your property becomes flooded to avoid damage to electrical devices and reduce the possibility of an electrical fire. The lack of an adequate power source can often make flood restoration more complex, with most equipment requiring an electric power source.

Conducting flood water removal in a Raleigh home without power is possible using external generators, truck-mounted extractors, and indirect fired furnaces. All of this equipment either power equipment or have their internal power supply, removing the mains' need for mains electrics. SERVPRO can mobilize this equipment quickly in an emergency to ensure your home restoration begins.

  • Indirect-fired furnaces rely on diesel or gas for a power source and are placed outside the residential structure blasting hot air through ducted windows or doors.
  • Truck-mounted extraction units rely on power sources located on the trucks themselves and can operate successfully while stationary.
  • Industrial generators are designed to support restoration in an environment without power for up to twenty-four hours.

Do not wait on restoration. Contact SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest for flood water removal at (919) 790-1222.

How Thermography Helps with Storm and Water Damage in Raleigh

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO trained technicians are ready for any size disaster that comes your way.

Using infrared cameras during restoration in your home

One of the most essential parts of storm and water damage restoration is assessing the level of water damage. It is impossible to do this by look and touch alone.

When our technicians arrive to remedy storm and water damage in Raleigh, they bring many kinds of equipment with them. One useful bit of kit is the infrared camera.  An infrared camera displays areas of heat and cold. When water evaporates from a surface, the surface cools. That means that dry areas show up warmer than wet ones when viewing through an infrared camera.

There are several advantages to using thermography to inspect your home after water damage:

  • We can inspect a larger area in less time – this is especially helpful when dealing with extensive storm damage.
  • We can examine challenging to reach areas such as high ceilings.
  • Infrared cameras cause no damage as we do not need to penetrate the wall or ceiling's surface.

Thermography helps us build a clear picture of the water damage situation to decide on the next best steps.

For help with storm or water damage, call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest at (919) 790-1222.

Help for Flood Water Removal in Raleigh

1/22/2021 (Permalink)

Flood water removal is no easy task. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the water mitigation services needed for your home.

SERVPRO can handle Raleigh floods

Raleigh is a great place to enjoy some fresh air and exercise. This charming North Carolina city has a population of 474,069 and is home to several large companies (including Lulu), research institutes, and higher education institutions. Raleigh was number 1 on the Forbes 2015 list of the best places for business and career.

Raleigh’s bustling size and wealth of educational and career opportunities are great reasons to live or visit here. And you will never be short of open spaces to enjoy when you need a break from all that thinking or shopping!

Enjoy the outdoors in Raleigh.

The Parks and Recreation Department in Raleigh offers a wealth of outdoor locations to enjoy, including:

  • Eight thousand one hundred acres of parkland that includes five public lakes.
  • Seventy-eight miles of the greenway to explore.
  • A championship level BMX race track.
  • One hundred twelve tennis courts and eight public aquatic facilities.

The city is also home to the JC Raulston Arboretum. This wonderful outdoor space belongs to the North Carolina State University and is free to visit for both residents and visitors. You can explore several beautiful themed gardens and see plants and trees from over 50 countries. Some of the most popular gardens at the arboretum include:

  • Paradise Garden engages all the senses for a genuinely immersive walk.
  • Winter Garden, where you can enjoy plants that thrive in the colder months – perfect for visiting the offseason.
  • White Garden, where all the plants have white, silver, or gray leaves and foliage. The White Garden was modeled after writer Vita Sackville-West’s white garden at Sissinghurst Castle Garden in Kent, England.
  • Finley-Nottingham Rose Garden, where you can enjoy over 200 different kinds of roses.

Try a game of Kubb

If you are looking for something fun to do with the family in Raleigh, try a game of Kubb. Kubb is a deceptively simple lawn game where you knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them. It is fun for all ages, and Raleigh is home to a Kubb Club that hosts both championship and non-championship games. 

Kubb is an ideal way to spend an afternoon outdoors as you can play it on all kinds of surfaces, including sand, grass, cement, and even snow or ice. Kubb lovers claim it dates all the way back to the Viking Age, and some people even call it Viking Chess.

We are here for flood water removal.

Raleigh is no stranger to floods. In 2020, tropical storm Isaias wreaked havoc across North Carolina, spawning several tornadoes and claiming two lives.

Our trained technicians know that every flood water removal project must begin with:

  • An assessment of the situation.
  • Thorough water extraction to remove as much flood water as possible.
  • Securing your home to mitigate any structural damage risks.

If necessary, we can arrange for your belongings to be stored at our facility while we clean and dry your home – this process is known as a “pack-out.” We log all items and pack them carefully to ensure they arrive back at your home safely when the time comes.

If you need flood water removal in your home, call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest at (919) 790-1222.

How Can I Bring My House Back to Normal After Flooding?

6/24/2020 (Permalink)

Flooding quickly causes flood damage. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

Calling SERVPRO to Your Raleigh Home Provides You with Prompt, Reputable Flood Damage Clean Up

Whenever the Raleigh area gets hit with a significant storm with wind and rain, you could see a bit of flooding enter your home. It is vital that you address it as soon as possible to save your interior from prolonged exposure that brings about secondary damage. SERVPRO wants you to know that we are Faster to Any Size Disaster, available 24/7, and come with the manpower and equipment to get the job done right the first time.

How Does Restoration Begin?

Once you contact our team, we send out a crew that will assess the extent of your flood damage in Raleigh. If the storm damaged your roof, we would tarp it off to help eliminate further damage during the inspection phase. We also have board-up services that will help ensure your property remains protected from additional exposure from the elements or from animals or people from getting inside.

When you call us for flood restoration services, you get:

  •   Skilled technicians certified via the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)
  •   Professional-grade equipment for water extraction, including submersible pumps, truck-mounted extractors, light wands, and more
  •   Industrial-strength drying equipment, such as powerful fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers

The longer that you let floodwater fester inside your home, the higher the risk of the onset of harmful bacteria and mold growth. Our crew ensures all saturated and unsalvageable materials get removed with controlled demolition. Everything is then replaced with brand-new materials before getting a thorough cleaning with EPA-registered cleaning agents and deodorants. Your interior is left in preloss condition to make it “Like it never even happened.”

For help with flood damage from a recent storm, give us a call at SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest at (919) 790-1222. We have a crew standing by for emergency service 24/7!

Learn more about Raleigh.

Do I Need To Evacuate My Storm Flooded Home In Raleigh?

6/17/2020 (Permalink)

North Carolina experiences several severe storms each year which can cause flooding. SERVPRO is equipped to restore your home and family treasurers.

SERVPRO Is Right by Your Side in the Case of Evacuation and Returns Your Home to You as Fast as Possible 

If there is storm damage in Raleigh with severe flooding, you may have to evacuate. Safety is a top priority for you and your family. SERVPRO leads you step-by-step get you back in your home where you belong. 

Will my possessions be safe if I have to leave? 

North Carolina experiences, on average, twenty-six tornadoes yearly, according to Spectrum News. Other severe weather conditions can cause city-wide flooding too. If water damage in your Raleigh home forces you to evacuate, SERVPRO steps in with emergency mitigation. We provide move out services that include: 

  • Secure storage for home content while restoration takes place.
  • Digital inventory of content
  • Professional moving services to a climate-controlled warehouse
  • Cleaning and drying services
  • Returned to their original position when safe 

Move Out Cleaning & Restoration 

Our content restoration services get to work right away, cleaning and restoring the items in your home that were affected by the storms. You can rest assured possessions are in good hands. Once in the warehouse, we provide the following restoration services to your belongings: 

  • Cleaning and decontamination
  • Fabrics and textiles are dry cleaned
  • Esporta washing that gets rid of 99% of soils
  • Immersion cleaning for dense items
  • Deodorization on contents that require it
  • Insurance protection and security
  • Full accountability 

While cleaning your possessions at the warehouse, great things are happening at your residence. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) technicians are busy restoring your house. Their goal is to get you back into your home as quickly as possible and leave it “Like it never even happened.” 

Contact SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest at (919) 790-1222 for quality water damage service that is Faster To Any Size Disaster.

More about Raleigh.

Driving on a Flooded Street Can Be a Deadly Mistake

4/29/2020 (Permalink)

Never drive through a flooded street. Turn around, don’t drown

You’ve driven on the same patch of road hundreds of times; what’s a few inches of water? Flash floods are sudden, very dangerous, and can quickly overcome local drainage measures, causing a fully flooded street. Many drivers are tempted to just cross it quickly – and unfortunately, some will pay with their lives.

Very Little Water Is Needed for a Disaster

It doesn’t take much water to turn a flooded street into a death trap:

  • 6 inches of flowing water can knock over an adult.
  • 12 inches can whisk away a small car.
  • As little as 18 inches can carry away an SUV or truck.

Also, flowing water can undermine a road and cause sections to crumble, which might not be detectable on flooded roads. It’s also often difficult to determine the depth of water as the water itself obscures your normal reference cues and can be quite disorienting.

Floods Are the Deadliest Natural Disaster
According to the National Institutes of Health, floods are “the main cause of death” from natural disasters, with most of those caused by flash floods. On average, 84 lives are lost to flooding each year, with around two thirds of those deaths in vehicles.

Turn Around, Don’t Drown
Probably the two most essential travel tips for safety are to wear your seatbelt and avoid flooded roads. As part of a national highway safety push, the National Weather Service initiated their Turn Around, Don’t Drown campaign to raise driver awareness of the dangers of driving on a flooded street.
Unfortunately, the numbers of flash flood deaths continue to rise in recent years, probably attributed to the increasing number of miles Americans drive overall. Flooding is also one of the leading causes of deaths in homes, including residences in Six Forks, NC. The best way to avoid this is to pay attention to evacuation orders and flood warnings for your area.
Once the floodwaters have subsided, you’ll need water damage restoration experts to inspect the home for structural soundness. Next, they can assess what needs replacement and what can be saved and then begin mold remediation efforts.

How Watching the Weather Strengthens Your Business

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The weather will eventually show its damaging side, so be prepared

How Watching the Weather Strengthens Your Business

Some people hardly pay any attention to the weather, while others always keep on alert for the possibility of a storm. As a business owner or property manager, the weather should be an area of concern for you for many reasons. A powerful winter storm could affect the bottom line of your business in such ways as reducing customers, impacting employ absences, increasing expenses and requiring adjustments to your operations. Preparing for the weather covers the following actions:

  • Watching the weather on a daily basis
  • Paying special attention to weather alerts
  • Knowing about the seasonal weather challenges in Wake Forest, NC
  • Fortifying your building against storm damage
  • Developing a plan for severe weather

These efforts make your company stronger. Solid preparation for a winter storm has many facets.

More Preparation Strategies

An emergency severe weather plan for your company can be put together to help cope with a major storm. It should include a list of resources to contact in the case of an emergency, such as government agencies, the fire department, utility companies, and medical facilities. The services of a local storm remediation team can provide a fast response to water damage from a roof leak or a pipe break. An experienced storm response company is a good source of valuable information at a time when you need it most. Your plan could include backup equipment such as generators and supplies for first aid, food, water, and warmth.

Additional Solutions

Your building is your fortress and it protects nearly everything of value in your company: employees, equipment, documents, and inventory. Having a strong roof and durable siding can turn back the high winds of a winter storm. A little foresight in the way of removing old trees and clearing storm drains helps avoid larger problems. The weather will eventually show its damaging side, so be prepared. A lack of preparation can have negative consequences for your company.

How Flood Damage in Raleigh Impacts Different Types of Flooring

12/18/2019 (Permalink)

Water loss events can quickly damage flooring. SERVPRO has the equipment to quickly remove the water. Call us today!

Storm Flood Damage in Your Raleigh Home Can Cause Problems with Your Hard Surface Floors

After severe weather strikes the Raleigh area, moisture from the outdoors can find any weaknesses in your structure and make its way into your residence. Once water enters any building, the storm flood damage created can come in a variety of forms as it can affect each of your structural components and contents in different ways. Professional restoration companies like SERVPRO can help you determine what was affected and then find the best mitigation solutions.

When most people think about storm flood damage occurring in Raleigh, they often imagine saturated carpets and issues caused by damp wooden components. However, water can also cause several different problems with other building materials inside your house, like your hard surface floors. The flooring industry designs many types of hard flooring to be resilient to moisture, but problems can still occur with them if enough water gets into your dwelling.

Some houses contain concrete floors in specific areas like garages. Excessive moisture can cause painted concrete floors to flake and blister, thus requiring the floors to be re-painted. Concrete is porous, so water can soak into the floors and leave behind chalky, calcium deposits, which can require cleaning to remove. Dust and dirt present on the concrete can be a source where mold can grow if it gets wet. If your floors have any fungi growing on the surface, our SERVPRO technicians can remove it by using a vacuum equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filter.

Moisture can also cause issues with any of the floors in your home covered with vinyl or linoleum.  Often kitchens or bathroom floors contain linoleum. Water loss events impacting vinyl laid on concrete can loosen up the glue and cause the floor covering to separate from the cement underneath it. Since the flooring material often peels right off of the concrete, it is usually cheaper and easier to replace the vinyl than to dry it. If moisture affects vinyl flooring materials placed on top of a wooden subfloor, then the vinyl can often work as a vapor barrier and seal in water, damaging the wood underneath.

Once building materials inside your home get wet after a storm, the issues can get worse if the problems do not get mitigated right away. For prompt 24/7 restoration services, call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest at (919) 790-1222 because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Did Flooding From Hurricane Dorian Cause you to Move Out of Your Home? SERVPRO's Pack-Out Service to the Rescue!

9/9/2019 (Permalink)

Sometimes it is necessary to remove furniture to dry the home. SERVPRO's Pack-Out Service can help you move out and then back in again.

Severe Flood Damage in Raleigh May Require a Temporary Move-Out, but SERVPRO Can Help

Sometimes, severe flood damage like what we saw with Hurricane Dorian can cause enough damage to your home to render it temporarily unlivable. While SERVPRO can reverse the damages and make your home look "Like it never even happened," the possibility remains that you may need to move out of the home temporarily. Here are some of the ways that our technicians can make that a more comfortable and faster process.

The Initial Scoping

One of the first things we do after starting work on severe flood damage in Raleigh after a hurricane like Dorian is to accompany you through the home to identify restorable contents. While many things may prove to be unsalvageable in the aftermath of a hurricane, you may be surprised at how much of your home is restorable to its original appearance without replacing anything. During this time, we can identify valuables and items that you'd prefer to take with you if you decide to move out of the home temporarily. From these careful evaluations, we construct cost estimates for both the structure and belongings to make sure that your insurance company covers as much as possible.

Packing Up and Moving Out

With our help, packing up your belongings and transporting them to a temporary residence is easy and fast. Depending on the situation, we may handle the entire process ourselves or bring in a local moving company to assist us in this work. We conduct a thorough inventory of all your belongings before moving them so that any breakages or lost items can be identified and replaced at no additional cost.

Moving Back In

Once SERVPRO restoration professionals have finished drying out and sanitizing your water damaged home, you can begin the process of moving back in. We handle your belongings either through our personnel or an approved and insured local contractor, and typically try to set your move-back to the earliest possible date. Some restorations may be ongoing when you move back in, but your home is guaranteed to be safe and livable once we give you the go-ahead.

SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest stays ready 24/7 when major storms like Hurricane Dorian strike. Call our emergency number at (919) 790-1222 for our services.

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Significant Flooding in Raleigh? Call SERVPRO-A Premier Cleanup and Restoration Company

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SERVPRO Says Call Us After Your Insurance Agent Post Flooding in the Raleigh Area!

Learn How to Restore Your Raleigh Home After Flood Damage

Heavy rain is a common cause of flooding in Raleigh, and it can cause contamination and damage to the structure and contents of your home. After a flood, a majority of homeowners are worried about getting the house looking great once again. However, recovering from flood damage involves more than just cleaning up the water, replacing the carpet and repainting the walls. Your priority should be ensuring that your property is safe.

Flood damage in your Raleigh residence creates the ideal environment for poor indoor air quality and mold, which can cause health effects. If you do not perform the post-flood restoration process well, the contamination from mold and bacteria can affect your home’s structure. Acting quickly after the incident can help prevent further damage.

Some steps you should take after floodwaters enter your house include:

• Call your insurance provider, meet the adjuster, follow the lead--if suggested--Ask if SERVPRO Is an Approved Vendor

• Hire an electrician if the water rose as high as the outlets, electrical panels, or switches of your house, or if it got to appliances or fixtures. Having an electrician check these items before turning the power back on ensures safety.

• Hire an HVAC expert to inspect your heating and cooling system, particularly if you suspect that the water got into ducts or heat registers.

• Hire a flood damage cleanup company to extract the water, remove the debris, and sanitize the affected areas.

SERVPRO Can Offer Many of the Above Services

SERVPRO is the company you can trust to perform effective flood cleanup in your home. Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRTs) are skilled in handling any flood cleanup scenario. We can arrive quickly to your residence, assess the destruction, and determine the steps to take towards restoring your home to its preloss state whenever possible. Our technicians evaluate if it is possible to decontaminate the structure and contents or not. The decision to replace or repair depends on the porosity of the materials, pretest results, and type of contamination. We remove and dispose of porous items like carpet and pad appropriately since we regard them as infectious waste. If there is standing water, we can extract it using powerful portable pumps.

If necessary, our SERVPRO technicians can pressure clean the structural components of your property and then use an EPA approved disinfectant to disinfect affected surfaces. We also wash and dry interior wall surfaces and other inaccessible areas that rising water or sewage has contaminated. Our crew also removes any final debris and water and disposes of them in the right way. Once the cleaning procedure is complete, we place air movers and dehumidifiers in a property to speed up the drying process. We have the expertise to deal with the flood damage to make it seem “Like it never even happened.”

Flood damage calls for efficient cleanup services. SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest can help you restore your flood-damaged home in North Hills, Morrisville, and Cary. Call us 24/7 at (919) 790-1222 for emergency restoration services.

We Respond Quickly To Restore Your Raleigh Home After A Flood Damage Disaster

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Our skilled technicians extracted the water and executed a partial demolition to mitigate the damage in this home.

Flood Damage Raleigh - Broken Windows

A recent storm blew in several windows in a customer’s home. Several tree branches were actually found inside the home along with lots of water and debris. Aside from some minor damage to the outside of the home, most of the damage was contained to water inside the living room along with debris scattered throughout the room. The owner was able to board up the windows to prevent further flood damage from the storm.

For all water damage situations including flood damage in Raleigh call SERVPRO for 24/7 service. Regardless of the time of day we can respond to all of your emergencies. Our team can respond immediately to help this customer contain further damage and mitigate the impact of the water in his home.

A great deal of rain can come through a broken window. Homeowners are often surprised how much water is removed from their home in these situations. First our SERVPRO technicians focus on removing as much water as possible and then we use dryers and dehumidifiers to dry out the home. Window openings must be sealed prior to setting up dehumidifiers.

The efficiency of these machines is greatly improved when they are operated in a closed environment. Our flood restoration process includes:


Water Removal


Cleaning and Sanitizing


SERVPRO also has restoration personnel available to completely restore your home to it’s original condition. We also clean hard surfaces such as tile and hardwood in addition to soft surfaces such as fabrics on couches and chairs. We use moisture meters to make sure that all moisture is remove to avoid the growth of mold and flood damage to fabrics. Mold can also cause health issues for many people. We react quickly to your call to mitigate the growth of mold and the associated impacts.

We are strategically located to respond quickly to your flood damaging event. Call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest at (919) 790-1222 for 24/7 service. We also serve Raleigh, North Hills and many more local communities in the area. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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How Our Experts Can Help Reduce The Effects Of Flood Damage In Your Raleigh Home

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We are available 24/7.

Steps To Reduce The Effects Of Flood Damage In Raleigh

Whether it is a flash flood or other incident that leaves you grappling with flood damage in your home, there is a need to take immediate action to rectify the situation. Some actions, when taken at appropriate times, can help limit the level of damages to your property. The advantage of working with professional restoration services is the level of training and experience they bring to the table, ensuring that steps that can have a positive impact are applied.

The water that causes flood damage in Raleigh homes affects several construction materials, including insulation. Depending on the kind of insulation, it can damage the R-value or cause matting, among other problems. Such issues diminish its insulation properties, which can increase your power bills significantly. Our SERVPRO technicians evaluate the affected areas and establish whether it is possible to dry or replace the insulation. Cellulose and Rockwool typically require replacement, but it is possible to restore fiberglass through drying in some situations.

Most of the water that pools around is visible on floors and other surfaces. However, some of it migrates into wall cavities and other concealed areas such as cabinets or subfloors. Such water requires extra steps for effective removal. Our SERVPRO technicians open up wall cavities by creating vent holes or making flood cuts. We also use specialized equipment such as injectidry systems to extract water and venting equipment to push air into the cavities to facilitate better evaporation.

Contamination is a significant concern during flooding incidents because the water sweeps various types of wastes, including biohazards such as raw sewage, and chemicals into the house. Failure to clean all contaminants from your house can jeopardize the health of the occupants. Our SERVPRO technicians remove highly porous materials such as carpets and pad from the property for disposal because cleaning cannot eliminate all traces of contamination. We also use professional cleaning agents to sanitize non-porous surfaces eliminating contamination traces “Like it never even happened.”

To minimize long-term effects after a flooding incident in your North Hills, Morrisville and Cary home, you should call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest at (919) 790-1222. We are available 24/7.

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Proof That Flood Damage Remediation in Raleigh Really Works

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Flooding and storms bring more issues. Don't let them pile up. Contact SERVPRO today for help.

How to Effectively Restore a Flood Damaged Basement in Your Raleigh Home

A flood damage experience should not bring your business or home to a standstill. By working with certified restoration service providers, you can still get your property back to its former condition. If you rebuild too quickly and make a mistake, then you are likely to experience recurring problems. For instance, if you did not notice a submerged wood in your Raleigh home, then future problems such as mold growth and deterioration of wall and wood coverings are likely to occur.

Our SERVPRO technicians inspect your building and determine whether it is safe to enter. We check out for structural damage and turn off electricity and gas services. We understand that flood water in Raleigh is contaminated and remove porous building materials and advise the owner to do a replacement. We have the equipment to clean and extract water from any flooded basement. When the depth of the standing water is less than an inch, we may decide to perform wet or dry vacuuming.

If our SERVPRO technicians are dealing with moderate and large flooding, we may use a sump or submersible pumps. Usually, the pressure of the pool of the water outside the building is balanced by that of the water inside the basement. We are careful not to extract the water so quickly when the outside of the building is still flooded since a significant pressure change may make the walls to crumble or crack.

After pumping out the water, it is time to perform basement cleanup. Our SERVPRO technicians wear rubber boots, gloves, overalls, protective eyeglasses and face masks as part of the safety precautions. We shovel out the mud before it can dry and clean the surfaces using disinfectants to lower chances of mold growth. Through dehumidification and installation of air movers, we can dry the wet locations.

Work with SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest for industry proven commercial and residential restoration services. Call (919) 790-1222 and get 24-hour emergency help from our highly trained technicians.

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We Are Your Best Option When Your Raleigh Home Suffers Flood Damage

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SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest is a full-service flood damage restoration company.

How SERVPRO Safeguards Your Packed-Out Possessions After Raleigh Flood Damage

Whatever the reason -- natural disaster, mistake, or malfunction -- when large quantities of water pour into your Raleigh home you need a plan that allows for robust structural water removal and drying strategies while also protecting your household goods and possessions. Our professional disaster recovery team members master training in a wide range of strategies ensuring both the physical structure and your mementos, documents, clothing, furniture, and other personal effects receive the attention they need.

It might feel unnerving to watch the majority of your possessions leave the premises after a flood damages your Raleigh home. Your sense of loss increases as the boxes move out of sight, but the pack-out makes a lot of sense on several levels. We don't make such a recommendation lightly but hope to achieve a balance between rapid water removal and drying within your house and the specialized cleaning and drying of furnishings off-site.

SERVPRO offers the security of our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) during a pack-out. CCIS creates a detailed and accurate list of the belongings we remove. A room-by-room inventory is developed using digital photos, and often barcoding. If needed, you can access items during the restoration process. We keep your insurance company in the loop, providing documentation of the various methods used to dry out items and the results of our efforts.

With most of your stored possessions safely packed out SERVPRO water removal technicians can focus on removing water via pumps and extractors. Items in place during flood water removal would need to be continuously repositioned and risk dye or rusting transfer to carpeting or other flooring. The moisture trapped in possessions also extends the amount of time needed to complete structural drying.

SERVPRO production facility technicians use appropriate techniques to remove moisture from the broad array of materials represented in your pack-out articles. Vacuum freeze or thermal drying concentrated drying chambers, and industrial dryers, among other approaches, return items to function and appearance. Electronics are saved from ruin, safe to use after restoration and final inspection by qualified electronics technicians.

SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest is a full-service flood damage restoration company. Take advantage of our training and advanced technology by calling (919) 790-1222 for an assessment.

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When Your Possessions Are Damaged After A Flood In Your Raleigh Home You Need The Help Of Our Team

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Flash floods can cause billions of dollars worth of damage to properties across America every year.

Returning Your Possessions To Pre-Loss Conditions After Flood Damage In Raleigh

Flash floods can cause billions of dollars worth of damage to properties across America every year. Heavy rainfall can be a contributing factor causing city sewer systems to back up and overflow. Nearby road floods can flow downstream into the lower levels of your property and cause extensive damage to your possessions or structure. Due to the harmful nature of floodwater, you need professional help to get your home back to preloss conditions.

Typically the impact of flood damage in Raleigh homes depends on the type of water. SERVPRO groups flood water into three distinct categories. The first is white water which may contain odors and microbial fungi but poses no significant risk to your health. The second is grey water which may have herbicides or pesticides present. The third and most dangerous type is black water which presents a biohazard risk by containing raw sewage or other pathogens.

A black water flooding issue requires expert help. It may seem prudent to remove your furniture from the affected area but doing so can be reckless. SERVPRO has external facilities where we can store your possessions and prepare them for deep cleaning. You need to contact us on our 24-hour emergency line to arrange a service to your home. We can arrange a service within one hour of notification of loss and arrive onsite within four hours.

The pathogens present in black water mean we may have to remove areas of drywall as well as the proper disposal of saturated subfloor mats or sheetrock inside wall cavities. Possessions though can benefit from thorough cleaning using industrial Esporta washing machines. Valuables can be sent to our specialists for ultrasonic remediation. SERVPRO work to a restore over replace mentality which means we use all equipment at our disposal to help return your items to preloss conditions.

Salvaging possessions is part of our remit in restoration. Contact SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest at (919) 790-1222 today.

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Understanding Hurricane Florence and the Impact on the Raleigh Area

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Hurricanes Like Florence Can Be Extremely Dangerous, Be Prepared.

SERVPRO Advises All Residents to Heed the Hurricane Instructions from National and Local Authorities

September is the peak of hurricane season in the United States, even as Hurricane Florence heads towards the coast of the Carolinas. When it comes to being prepared for a tropical storm, and knowing what to do when one hits, it is essential for you to understand the nature of a hurricane. Understanding the basics about hurricanes can help you avoid injury during a storm and can give you the necessary knowledge to consider all the aspects while preparing your home for one.
So what is a hurricane?
When the winds of a tropically-based ocean storm hit seventy-four miles per hour, it is considered a hurricane. Hurricanes can strike Raleigh and the Wake Forest area this time around. They are low-pressure tropical cyclones that come from the Atlantic Basin, forming over tropical or subtropical waters where the heated water fuels the air currents. Additionally, they can be accompanied by thunderstorms, and in this case up to 30 inches of rain.
They are known for their characteristically intense and high-speed winds that are more than capable of doing property damage. Furthermore, the rain they bring can be so intense that it has the power to cause flooding in addition to deadly coastal storm surges. Stack this on top of a high tide, and the volume of water can cause catastrophic results. A Cat 4 or Cat 5 hurricane can submerge homes entirely in the area that they strike. EVACUATION. EVACUATION. If you are directed by the authorities, do not hesitate.
Hurricanes start at winds of seventy-four miles per hour, but they do not cap at that rate. There is a Category 4 rating that marks the destructive force of hurricane winds called the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. The scale measures the storm by giving it a number, one through five. A category one hurricane is a storm that has the least potential for damage, while a category five is the most dangerous and has the highest potential for damage. There is an exponential destructive potential between the numbers.
The rating of a hurricane is still only a number. Prepare, have your property secured as much as possible, have an emergency kit at hand, and prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

Remember, safety first for you and your family. In the aftermath, you can call SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest for help with water and debris removal. Our SERVPRO franchises also offer Storm Disaster Recovery Teams to help. (919) 790-1222

NC prepares for a potentially destructive Hurricane Florence.

Flood Damage Technicians in Raleigh Talk About the Different Problems That Can Occur After a Storm

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If a lightning storm brings flooding into your home, contact SERVPRO to dry out the property and remediate the damage.

Team SERVPRO Effectively Dries Out Your Home After a Storm

This is the time of year that severe thunderstorms are a common occurrence in Raleigh. When storms get violent, there are several different types of flood damage that can occur. Stormy weather creates various conditions that can cause problems with your property. Excessive rains often come with thunderstorms in Raleigh, and they can cause moisture to get inside your home.
Whenever moisture enters a structure, several things can go wrong. During any flood damage situation in Raleigh, both structural issues and problems with your contents can occur. The longer items inside a building stay wet; the worse these problems can become if professionals like our SERVPRO technicians are not called in right away to remediate the problem. If building materials remain saturated for a long time, they can lose their structural integrity, requiring that they get replaced. If moisture stays inside organic materials for more than two days, then microbial growth can take place.
Different elements like the wind created during a storm can cause things to blow into your house and allow rainwater to enter. Wind can blow rocks or branches into windows or your exterior walls. High-speed winds can also cause roof shingles to blow off, thus allowing rain to leak into your home.
If a considerable amount of rain falls in a short period your neighborhood can get flooded which can also cause water to enter your home. Moisture can get in through faulty door seals and make your floors wet. Flooding can also cause water to move rocks and other items into your home breaking your doors or exterior walls.
Lightning and hail created during a thunderstorm can also cause damage to a building. Lightning strikes can ruin structural components that can open up holes in your house's exterior. Hailstones can shred roof shingles that can cause your roof to leak during the excessive raining.
Our SERVPRO technicians are IICRC certified and experienced in dealing with various types of flood-related damage. We first repair the hole where water entered, then we use extraction and drying procedures to mitigate the rest of the issues. After the problems created by moisture are no longer a threat, we take steps to reconstruct your house to preloss conditions.
If lightning, hail or wind during a storm ever causes your house problems, call SERVPRO of North Raleigh / Wake Forest at any day of (919) 790-1222 the week.
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Why Air Movers Are Crucial During Flood Damage Restoration in Raleigh

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Happy Raleigh Customer Looking at the SERVPRO Van after Completing Water Damage and Restoration

Dehumidification Is a Key Component of Stormwater Restoration

Drying is an essential procedure during flood damage restoration. Apart from being one of the processes that return your property and contents to their preloss state, it can help in preventing mold growth. Here, we are going to look at how the setup of air movers can facilitate the drying of your Raleigh property.
Our SERVPRO technicians use air moving devices to create an efficient drying environment when addressing flood damage in Raleigh. When the continuous rapid airflow comes into contact with the wet surfaces, it forces these areas to lose the water that they are holding. That means the water transforms from a liquid state to a gaseous state in a process known as evaporation. Some of the factors that influence the rate of evaporation include temperature, air movement, RH (relative humidity) of air, the water vapor differential between the surrounding environment and the wet item, and accessibility to the wet surface or items.
As evaporation takes place, additional water vapor is added to the air, and it reaches a point where the air cannot hold any additional moisture. If the temperature of the air decreases, the vapor can condense into water and cause additional damage. That is why our SERVPRO technicians use dehumidifiers to absorb the moisture from the air. To come up with a balanced drying system, we monitor that there is a balance between the number of dehumidifiers and air movers. Since dehumidifiers generate dry and warm air, the installed air movers must also circulate it across all wet items in the structure.
After drying your structure, we perform deodorization to eliminate any odors that might be present. If we are dealing with confined areas, we may use thermal foggers - devices that dispense dense fogs to neutralize the odors. We can also use Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Foggers to apply disinfects and fungicides to reduce the chances of mold growth.
SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest is a trusted industry leader that offers commercial and residential restoration services. You can learn more about our 24-hours emergency services by calling (919) 790-1222.

Here is the local city gov't, click

Raleigh's Methods for Water Removal After a Storm

3/31/2018 (Permalink)

The first step after a storm is making sure that you and your family are safe. Follow that with a call to SERVPRO to get your house back to normal.

Water Extraction After a Storm Takes Professional Tools and Certified Technicians

When a storm makes its way into town, there are many ways water possibly enters your Raleigh home. Sometimes moisture comes into a building when it collects after the excessive rain. Other times high-speed winds blow objects into the exterior structure and create holes that water enters.
The first step in mitigating problems at your property is to make the area safe for occupants while work takes place. SERVPRO's water removal technicians in Raleigh then fix the source of the problem to keep moisture from entering. Next, our team extracts as much water as possible out of the building.
During the extraction process, we use a variety of equipment. Most extractors we use have three components a heater, pump, and vacuum system. All three components usually only get used when cleaning carpet or upholstery. During extraction, only the vacuum component is needed.
Some extractors are portable and get brought into the structure and used to pull water out of tight or restricted areas. Other extractors are truck-mounted, more powerful and able to hold more water. Truck mounted extractors are typically designed to be efficient for both water extraction and restorative carpet and upholstery cleaning.
Another component of any extraction system is the tool attachment used to vacuum. If the amount of water is small, then a lighter extraction wand gets used. However, if the carpet is wet, then it is 50% weaker than normal conditions. Sometimes agitation with light-weight extraction tools causes damage to the carpeting.
When carpet gets heavily saturated with moisture, larger extraction equipment often gets used. Some heavy-duty extraction attachments use weight to squeeze the carpet and make vacuuming water easier. Some tools use the weight of the operator as the technician using it stands on the unit.
If standing water inside a structure is over two inches deep, then a submersible pump gets used. A pump only gets used if the water does not contain any solid materials. The water then gets pumped in our extraction tank out your sewer system through your toilet.
After our technicians extract as much water as possible out of the building, the drying process begins. During drying the ideal environment gets created to lower moisture levels inside building materials. For professional assistance with moisture restoration issues, call SERVPRO of North Raleigh / Wake Forest at (919) 790-1222 any time of the day.
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A Train Of Storms Result In Raleigh Flood Damage

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Saves Many Raleigh Homes from Excessive Flood Damage

SERVPRO Provides Great Solutions to Raleigh Affected Storm Damaged Properties

Sometimes several days of heavy rains follow one after the other, greatly increasing the possibility of home flooding. Rivers and streams rise with the added precipitation, threatening nearby homes, and another flood risk indicator is the saturated soil. SERVPRO is ready to help local homeowners reverse the lasting effects of flood damage.
One storm front follows another, pushing the capacity of the ground to absorb more water. This train of storms means water flows downhill into your home’s walkout lower level, and you notice more moisture seeping in through the foundation. Do not wait for the rains to stop before calling us about the flood damage to your Raleigh home.
Our crew arrives with truck-mounted pumps and extractors, powerful and ready to start removing water even if the storm knocked out local power lines. Work begins after we ensure electricity is not live in the flooded area -- safety first for you and the SERVPRO restoration crew. The water collected may be contaminated with fertilizers, pesticides, and animal waste, so we contain and dispose of it under local regulation.
Technicians sanitize surface with appropriate antimicrobials as others operate the extractors on carpeting. SERVPRO workers receive advanced training on how to remove the most moisture without stretching or tearing the carpet fibers from the backing. The impure flood water is difficult to pull out of the padding and may accelerate mold growth. Usually, we remove and replace the padding as it is cost effective and because of the risk of retained impurities contributing to secondary flood damage.
The SERVPRO team positions air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce lingering moisture quickly. Throughout the process, we measure moisture levels to ensure we hit appropriate drying targets. Because the flooded space is partially within the home’s foundation, we check the perimeter for additional seepage and hidden pockets of water in cinder blocks or behind paneling or drywall. We do not consider the restoration job finished until all evidence of excess moisture disappears and measurements are within the normal range.
We move furnishings and stored personal belongings out of the flooded area for evaluation and to allow easier cleanup of the floors and walls. SERVPRO inventories items transferred and consults with you to help determine what to dry and restore and what to discard. Important documents and treasured pictures and heirlooms respond best to a freeze drying restoration procedure and need to be stabilized off-site swiftly.
Rely on SERVPRO of North Raleigh & Wake Forest to respond fast and efficiently to your home’s flooding issues. Our staff awaits your call at (919) 790-1222 to schedule an estimate.

Raleigh offers much for vacationers.

Is Your Family Storm Ready?

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Rain can quickly turn into several inches of flood waters in the Triangle NC area. Have an emergency plan ready.

An excessive amount of rainfall from storms can wreak havoc on North Raleigh, and Wake Forest North Carolina homeowners. The rainfall is already 3.42 inches above normal since the start of hurricane and tropical storm season.

It is advised to do a checkup of your home to make sure it is protected. While prevention is the best way to handle a possible storm for your home, preparedness is the best way to protect those who live in your home.

Have a plan to meet at a designated area if everyone of your household is not together when the storm hits. If you have a pet, have a plan to care for them and include food for them in your disaster supply kit.

Evacuation Routes

Know where to go in case of an evacuation. Evacuation routes vary depending on the type of natural disaster. Therefore, there is not a predetermined route. ReadyWake! is Wake County’s official website to alert residents of which evacuation route to take when necessary. When storm alerts begin, it is a good time to fill up your gas tank and go to the ATM to withdraw cash. This way you are prepared to evacuate if necessary.

If you are unable to evacuate stay indoors on the lowest level away from windows and glass doors.

Disaster Preparedness Kits

Have a disaster supply kit ready in case of emergency evacuation. This kit should include several flashlights, batteries, (including back up power supplies for personal electronics such as mobile phones) cash, meds, and first aid supplies. Copies of important documents should also be included in case they are destroyed or you are unable to come back to your home for any length of time.

After a storm, you may have damage to your home. Your local SERVPRO® of North Raleigh & Wake Forest is faster to any-sized disaster any time of the day or night at 919-790-1222.

Preparing Your Pets for a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Event

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Keep your pets safe during a storm event with a pet preparedness plan!

For many families, their pets are considered family. When making an emergency readiness plan for storm events pets, although very loved, are often left out. This oversight can make for untold heartache during and after a storm. After Hurricane Matthew in 2016, hundreds of pets were separated from their owners. Fortunately, regular county and temporary rescue shelters were able to accommodate the influx of lost pets during and after the storm. To avoid inadvertent separation from your pet during a storm, have a plane in place.

Before the Storm

Microchip your pet. A registered and up-to-date microchip is the fastest way to become reunited with your pet if you become separated.

Keep a collar on your pet with tags that have current contact information.

Have a pet carrier ready with your pet’s name and your contact information written on the carrier. Keep a spare leash in the carrier.

Know where your pet will be staying, if not with you.  In the event of an emergency, many shelters do not provide an option for pets. You will need to have a facility to shelter them should you be required to evacuate and cannot take them with you to your final location.

Disaster Supply Kits

Your pet should have its own disaster supply kit. Your veterinarian may be able to assist you in planning an individualized kit that is right for your pet. Some common items include:

2 weeks worth of food


Plastic bags and/or litter boxes and litter

Paper towels and cleaning agents


Medical records

Familiar toys and blankets

Photo of the pet with members of the family. This will help with identification in case you are separated from your pet.

After the Storm

If your pet’s food was exposed to floodwater, throw it out. Floodwaters could be contaminated and the food would not be safe for consumption.

Do not let your pet walk in the flood waters. They may lick their paws before you have a chance to clean them, exposing them to harmful contaminants.

Like you, after returning home, pets could be stressed and confused. Keep them inside as much as possible until they are reacclimated with their environment.

Like you, our technicians care about their families and the community they live in. They work hard to restore order after any-sized disaster. If you have storm related damage call us today at 919-790-1222.


Protecting Your North Raleigh & Wake Forest Home From Summer Storm Events

6/6/2017 (Permalink)

Damage from lightning can create costly damage for homeowners.

For many, a gentle summer rain can be refreshing especially when faced with the alternative of the Triangle area heat and the uncertainty of drought from year to year. From thunderstorms to hurricanes summer storm events can be severe causing homeowners across North Raleigh and Wake Forest thousands of dollars in damages. The hurricane and tropical storm season runs from Jun 1 to Nov 30. The season peaks in mid Aug and winds down in late Oct.

Now is a perfect time to do a checkup of your home to make sure it is as protected as possible before storm events including thunderstorms start to occur.

Check gutters and downspouts. Failing gutters can cause serious damage to the foundation of your home. Properly installed gutters carry water away from your home’s foundation.

Sump pumps. Many basements will have sump pumps installed to remove excessive ground water. If your system fails in the middle of a storm event, you may have to end up dealing with a flooded basement, and damage to any contents in the room.

Roof. Have a professional inspect the shingles for any damages that could lead to leaks during heavy rains.

Landscaping. Regular maintenance of your yard to include trimming trees and shrubs will help minimize damage during a storm. Well pruned shrubbery is more wind resistant and less likely to cause damage to your property. Dead branches and limbs are easily transported when the winds are high. Anything outdoors that is not tied down, such as furniture, decorations, patio umbrellas, etc. should be bought inside.

Generator. Weather-related outages can wreak havoc on the modern home. Since 2003 the number of weather related outages have doubled, leaving 15 million customers each year without power for at least an hour. Without electricity, sump pumps stop working, food begins to spoil, and home alarm systems are vulnerable. Having a standby generator, can keep essentials running until power is restored.

Extra Tips

Documents. Keep your important documents in an easily portable fireproof, waterproof container. You may not have access to digital copies during or after the storm event.

Road Ready. It is also a good idea to completely fuel up your vehicle and have cash on hand as gas stations and ATM’s may be closed following a storm.

After the storm, if your home has suffered from water damage, remember SERVPRO® of North Raleigh & Wake Forest is always ‘here to help.’

When Flooding from Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Nicole hits Wake County and Durham County, SERVPRO is ready!

10/7/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Raleigh, Wake Forest, North Durham specializes in storm and flood damage restoration.  Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Faster Response

Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms

When Hurricane Matthew hits Wake & Durham Counties, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today 919-790-1222